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GRP fibreglass roofs

Call Thompsons Roofing & Lead Specialists in Blyth for your GRP fibreglass roof. We are in easy reach of Newcastle, Cramlington, Bedlington, Ashington, Morpeth, Ponteland, Whitley Bay, North Shields, Gosforth and Jesmond.

Weather and fire resistant

GRP fibreglass is weather and fire resistant, making it the excellent roofing material choice for a variety of projects.

fibreglass roof

Glass Reinforced Plastic

GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic, and it is often called fibreglass. It is completely resistant to rust or corrosion, and is extremely light, strong and versatile. It has excellent longevity and is a high-performance material. Although more commonly used for flat roofs, in some cases it can be suitable for pitched roofs. It is much stronger and more durable than felt, and as it has no seams to let water in. If it is undamaged, it can’t leak.

fibreglass roof

Easier to install and repair

Fibreglass is easier to repair than felt if it is damaged, making it cheaper to repair. It is likely to stay in good condition for more than 20 years, making it longer lasting than felt, and any issues and damage are easily repaired by a professional. It is cut and shaped at the factory, so it is quick and easy to install and there is no wastage, which reduces time and energy spent tidying up and travelling to the skip.

Choice of roofing material

Your choice of roofing material will depend on a number of factors:

The size of the roof you are covering

How you will be using the building – if you have an outbuilding that is being used as an office or workspace, then weatherproofing is more important if there is likely to be valuable equipment inside

The exposure of the site – a more exposed site will need to be more durable and weather-resistant

fibreglass roof above window
fibreglass roof

Do you need a new GRP fibreglass roof?

Our team is experienced in fibreglass roofing so contact Thompsons Roofing & Lead Specialists in Blyth for a free quote today. We also do fascias and soffits plus chimney stacks.

01670 462307

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