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Lead roof

Lead roofs

Thompsons Roofing & Lead Specialists in Blyth - the expert installers and repair team for lead roofs. We are in easy reach of Newcastle, Cramlington, Bedlington, Ashington, Morpeth, Ponteland, Whitley Bay, North Shields, Gosforth and Jesmond.

Lead roofs for a lifetime

If you want your roof to last a lifetime, then you can have a lead roof that will look great for at least 60 years. Lead is the ultimate material for durability, flexibility and it looks great.

Leadwork bird bath
Roof window on a grey tiled rooftop

Experts in all leadwork roofing

We are experts in all leadwork roofing projects, and we are able to tackle unusual roof shapes and designs. We can also use those methods that are used to comply with the criteria for listed and historic buildings. Our roofing team is highly experienced and can provide leadwork for cupolas and spires, and we are the team to trust for all your leadwork projects.

lead roof

The many benefits of lead roofing

There are many benefits to using lead roofing, which is why it is amongst the most used type of roofing in the UK. It is exceptionally durable and can last up to 150 years. It is resistant to damage caused by weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures and it’s also resistant to corrosion, UV rays and pollution. It is also extremely low maintenance, and looks good, whether it is for a modern or period property.

Flexible and recyclable

As well as being extremely durable and low maintenance, lead is flexible enough to be used for all sorts of complicated roof designs, and it forms strong and long-lasting watertight seals. It is also 100% recyclable, so it’s also a very sustainable option. Even though the short-term cost is high, due to its durability, it is the most cost-effective option in the long-term. Lead is a superb investment for your property.

flat lead roof
Clean lead roof close up

Would you like to find out more about having a lead roof installed?

Contact our team from Thompsons Roofing & Lead Specialists in Blyth for a free quote. We also do felt roofs, ridge tiling, chimneys and more.

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