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Replacing Tiles

Roof repairs

Call Thompsons Roofing & Lead Specialists in Blyth for all your roof repairs. We are in easy reach of Newcastle, Cramlington, Bedlington, Ashington, Morpeth, Ponteland, Gosforth, Whitley Bay and North Shields.

Excellent reputation

Repairs can come at the worst time, which means that you need a company you can trust to deal with the repair quickly, efficiently but thoroughly. We have many years’ experience and an excellent reputation based on our excellent customer service.

Roof repair, worker with yellow gloves replacing red tiles or shingles on house

Any size repair job

Sometimes disaster strikes and you need your roof repaired urgently. We have the capacity to come out and fix your roof quickly and efficiently. Any damage can be repaired to ensure no further damage is caused to your property by the elements. We can repair any kind of damage to your roof, and are happy to tackle any size job, from a loose tile to a collapsed chimney.

new roof

Prevention is better than cure

If you spot a leak in your home, the damage could be more extensive than at first appears. A full roof survey can be far more cost effective than needing to repair your roof every time there is a small leak, as maintaining your roof will prevent leaks in the first place, and this will mean that you don’t have the cost and hassle of repairing leaks and redecorating.

Repair any kind of damage

We can repair any kind of damage to your roof and chimneys, such as:

Wear and tear

Storm or tree damage


We can repair or replace your fascias and soffits, chimneys, flat or pitched roofs. We can also repair or install any kind of pitched roof tiles, including shale, clay or rubber; we are also experts at repairing flat roofs, whether with fibreglass, rubber or felt.

Roof damage
Roof damage repaired
a roofer nails on the roof tiles

Do you need repair work for your roof or chimney?

Trust Thompsons Roofing & Lead Specialists in Blyth to repair your roof quickly and efficiently.

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